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Chill and Cold Stores


Our Cold Store construction can be designed to suit many varying requirements using our PIR insulation panels for Fresh produce, Wine, Processed Foods, and Pharmaceuticals. Having the right insulation for your facility helps keep control of your product quality as well as your running costs.


From small modular Cold Rooms to large Chill Store complexes and packing facilities, ICA can provide build any size and requirement to suit your needs.

We will advise the right insulation and refrigeration system to match your product storage requirement and can be versatile to create the maximum space. It can be installed in other areas of your facility such as loading docks and corridors to ensure the ‘cool chain’ is not broken.


We use specially manufactured cold store panels direct from Kingspan © as approved foodsafe insulation. We will calculate the appropriate insulation value to hold your stores climate and constructed with a tongue & groove system to prevent temperature loss. We can provide them in various heights to construct your store to accommodate higher levels for your operations.


Our chill doors are manufactured in house using matching u-value insulation and can be made to any size to suit.


We can install full racking system for larger chill and cold store areas to ensure your storage is maintained at the required temperature in between storage and distribution product. Our racking systems are of bespoke design for low temperature and ease of access of goods.

Control Systems:

Our refrigeration control system, the ICA6004, can analyse, control and adjust the stores conditions – be it 2 stores or 20 stores – from one location but can be monitored on handheld apple or android devices. Click here for more information


Our refrigeration division can advise and design the best system for your application and will always endeavour to provide the more cost effective and energy efficient equipment for your stores. We can provide rapid chilling systems to assist the cooling down of your produce to speed up your storing process. Click here for more information.

Flooring & Extras:

Using either your existing floor or providing new concrete floor, we can install concrete kerbing to interior and exterior of stores and provide barriers to avoid forklift damage when loading if required.

Electrics & Lighting:

Electrics and lighting can be provided by our electrical division to include power networks, power distribution and light fittings to suit your design. Click here for more information.


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