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Fire Rated Walls and Partitions


We can work with your insurance requirements, advise and provide the correct insulation needed to protect your business. Whether its insulation value of fire rated protection, our experience designers can offer the solution. We construct high integrity fire rated rooms which have the insulation required for heat emitting from the servers and can hold fire protection from 60 minutes to 4 hours.


Fire Resistance is generally a requirement of Building Regulations but can also be used when compartmentation within buildings is required. It is measured on:

- Integrity – the ability of a system to prevent the penetration of hot gases and flames

- Insulation – the ability of the system to reduce the temperature rise on the unexposed side of the fire and therefore prevent fire spread through radiated heat.


When considering the fire resistance of a panel system it is important to refer to both integrity and insulation. Our fire rated panels from Eurobond manufactured using metal facings bonded to a high density structure offer exceptional fire protection and spanning characteristics.

We use Rockwool Fire Rated panels in a variety of thickness to provide the required protection and maintain the correct temperature for heat emitting servers to walls and ceilings expertly installed with aluminium flashings.


We offer fully insulated fire rated doors with matching insulation fitted with aluminium frame and fittings.


Our experienced electrical division advise, design and install all aspects of your electrical requirements from standard office lighting, remote controlled energy efficient LEDs, Ethernet caballing, office trunking, external security lighting, mains power supply and distribution

Fire sensors, lighting and alarms can be installed to add to your fire protection.

Fire performance should be judged on both fire resistance and reaction to fire. Our panels are assed to BS476 Part 22 for fire resistance and independently approved for reaction to fire by the Loss Prevention Council to LPS1181 and LPS1208 and by Factory Mutual to Standard 4880.

The span of the build is calculated based on BS6399 for strength and integrity without compromising fire protection.

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