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The modern day packhouse has evolved greatly over the years to ensure hygienic packing conditions and better working conditions. Combining the refined techniques and processes used in creating stores, ICA will design a clean, light and spacious packing environment suited to your fruit, vegetable or salad packing and preparation requirements .


Everyone’s business is different and by working to understand your packing methods we can accommodate your grading machinery, washing facilities, packaging machines and workforce for effortlessly smooth running operation between storage and distribution.


For the packing area, we use the same insulation as the CA and cold stores to maintain temperature throughout the journey of the fresh produce. The Polyinsurate (PIR) insulation value is chosen obtain the correct holding temperature for walls and ceilings which are expertly installed with food-safe aluminium flashings and ceiling suspension (if required) throughout all areas of the operation for a seemless & cost effective construction.


The same chill doors as for cold & CA stores are used between packing and storage areas. Between areas a variety of roller shutter, rapid rise, slam-faced and personnel doors are manufactured to a bespoke design to suit your operational requirements.


Coolng and ventilation is often an important requirement for produce packing and the workforce within the facility. Our refrigeration division can advise and design the best system for your application and will always endeavour to provide the more cost effective and energy efficient cooling and ventilation equipment for your packhouse. Click here for more information.


We typically offer a Powerfloat finish concrete floor if a new floor is required. In which we can accommodate packing machinery eg graders by including recesses in floors and aco drains to aid their operation.


Packing Facilities have, in recent times, often required personnel facilities such offices, toilet facilities, wash and changing rooms which we can offer to be located on the main packing floor or on a mezzanine level. All areas within the required facilities can be installed including carpets, tiles, toilets, kitchens, showers and woodwork to provide a complete operational package.

Lighting & Comfort Cooling:

The packhouse homes a busy workforce and we understand the importance of comfortable working conditions. We offer to install natural Led lighting which can be cost effective due to the lower amount needed to standard light fittings and it also offers a dust-resistant design to aid the cleanliness of your packing area. In non-chilled areas we install comfort cooling systems for better working conditions. Click here for more information.


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